Rain and sun today

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 4, 2013
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OK, it's raining here, in spite of it all I tried to do my daily trek along the Pacific, but gave up sooner than later. 

Anyway I needed to get the 22 year old Mercedes in the shop for yet another warning light issue, this time for something brake-related.  My German Car mechanic, Jose, (not his nickname) assures me it will be a reasonable fix.  So I head to a coffee shop off Ocean Avenue, Carmel Valley Roasting, and get a large to go. The Barista is kind DSCN0262.JPGenough to write a special message on my paper cup, shown here, which says "Make Today Wonderful."

The  strolling through town I see a fellow, a stranger, sitting with his 120 pound Bernese Mountain Dog, "Baxter."  Baxter and I have a half hour spent rubbing his neck and petting him, and my foot falls asleep since he's laying on it. Turns out the owner worked for the Wall Street Journal on the west coast and specialized in anti-trust items.  We have a mutual friend, it turns out, and we proceed to chat for a while about that person.

Baxter is devastated when the petting stops but soon sees someone with a croissant that he can befriend. Dogs are fickle that way.

Funny how little things can color and improve your day, even when it's raining. Now I can face the music and the bill when the car comes back!