Summer of 2010

Discussion created by jmw_ on Apr 4, 2013

In the summer of 2010, my wife and I  got to experience one of the great joys in life....... taking our son to his first baseball game! One of my greatest memories from that day was thinking of the men, like Jackie Robinson, who persevered so many years before so that maybe one day my boy could dream of playing for a MLB team. Ever since then, when I go to a baseball game I always think back to that summer.


I took a new job, in a new city that year. When we couldn't find an existing home and decided to build, the next thing to figure out was short term living accommodations. After some research, I decided our best option was to set-up in the Residence Inn. Now, I have stayed in many Residence Inn hotels over the years and this hotel and location tops them all. We enjoyed the 2 bedroom for many reasons, but some of my fondest memories were looking out the full size glass windows. We had a perfect view of PNC Park, as the stadium sits just across the street from the hotel. On game days you could watch perched from up above the crowds coming to root for the Bucs, then in the late evening afterwards you could pull back the curtains and see the stadium sparkling with its accent lighting.


That summer we went to more games than I can remember, and our son would watch the entire game. The "ride home" consisted of a 30 second walk across the street, and then he would be tucked into bed before the post-game report was even finished.


Now, living in a hotel for almost 6 months means that you become great friends with the hotel staff. After we moved out and into our house, I thought this would be the end to that relationship. But every year since them, when we go down to watch a game the first stop we make is at the Residence Inn to let the staff see the kids (wife was pregnant with our second child during our stay). Now I can say my boys had their first MLB experience in one of the best ballparks in the country, and Marriott was an integral part of that great experience.


Since then, we have moved yet again, but we always look back on that summer as one of the greatest times of our lives. We even plan to go back to visit friends this month, and of course we plan to stay at our old "home" while there. My wife even asks if I could go ahead and request our same room, 1010.


Attached pics:

1)  first baseball game

2) sitting in hotel room window looking out over PNC Park. Note: Honus Wagner statue down below

3) boys sitting in front of Honus Wagner on our way in to the game after visiting our friends at Residence Inn

4) me and the boys