My only baseball game with my dad

Discussion created by dlmatte on Apr 4, 2013

My father was not a baseball fan, he was not a sports fan for that matter.  He was an academic and a voracious reader a passion that I did not inherit unfortunately. He did introduce me the the game of golf something for which I am forever grateful as it has now been a part of my life for the past 43 years both as a pastime and a career.


I grew up in Ottawa, Canada's National Capital approximately 2 hours from Montreal.  In the early 70's the Montreal Expos were still playing at a quaint ballpark named Jarry Park.  It was only later in the decade that they moved to the cavernous Olympic Stadium, "the Big O".  There was a trip organized from Ottawa to Montreal by bus to attend a baseball game at Jarry Park.  It was meant to be a father=son affair.  I timidly asked my dad if he would like to go and much to my surprise he said yes.  It would be my first ever professional baseball game and needless to say his as well.


I do not even remember who the Expos played against, although I would venture a guess that it was the Big Red Machine from Cincinnati.  I don't remember if the Expos won or lost but that really is not important.  I got to share a few hours with my dad and baseball was the reason.  We continued to play golf religiously on weekends together for many years after that game but never attended another baseball game after the Jarry Park experience.  It is therefore something that I will remember and cherish forever. 


It is fitting that the Expos gave me my first ever professional baseball game experience and it is the City of Montreal that enabled jackie Robinson to eventually break into the Majors.


I look forward to going to see the movie when it comes out in the theatres.


Denis Matte