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Lake Como, Italy (Lago di Como)

Question asked by jerrycoin on Apr 3, 2013
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Thank-you for the wonderful pictures and sharing a great experience of visiting the Lake Como area.  Many have indicated this area and specifically, "The Bellagio", as "One of the most beautiful places on Earth"!  While I have been there a number of times, I have not stayed at any of the "Expensive hotels" in the area.  However, I would like to share some alternatives places to stay and see.  (Note: there are no Marriott properties in the area).


First of all, I would recommend having a car, if you are comfortable driving in Europe.  There is a lot to see in this area, and getting to Lake Como, can be very scenic!


Scenes like this reflect the entire drive from St. Moritz to Lake Como!


I have always driven from Zurich, across the Alps, and one time, took the train from Zurich to St. Moritz.  From St. Moritz you can drive down the Alps on a fabulous drive to Italy.  The first major town you will encounter is Chiavenna, Italy.  Chiavenna, is a charming small town, you can walk thru, and it is NOT a tourist trap, but a place you can get a look at how Italians have lived for a long time.

The place I stay while in The Lake Como area is this place:


The Conradi, is a Best Western, and rates are very reasonable.  I had six straight Christmas Dinners here, and the price was under $30 total for two, with the best pasta I ever had, and a large carafe, of local wine.  You can walk thru town and enjoy inexpensive activity.


Lake Como is only about 10 miles away, and The Bellagio is a little further, but you can save a lot of money this way.  Likewise, it's fun to visit small cities like Lecco and Como as well.


You can get to this area from Milan by train, but I have never done that.  Lastly, I am sure you can take "Tours" from The Milan area as well.


If you have an experience in this area, would you share it with us?