Watch your Rewards points

Discussion created by californian on Apr 3, 2013
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I checked in at the Marco Island Marriott using points.  that evening, I signed on to my Marriott account and my point balance dropped.  I looked at the transactions and my TP cat 7 hotel certificate had been canceled and 140,000 was taken from my account.  When they canceled the TP hotel part, I got back 45,000 points.  This cost me 95,000 points.  I took over an hour working with a manager last night and one was supposed to call Rewards to find out what happened.  They did not but I did.  The hotel said that Marriott did it.  Rewards told me that the hotel canceled the TP cert and took the other out.  Rewards fixed it.  After complaining to FDM at hotel, they gave me 15,000 for my trouble.


If I had not noticed this, I would have been out 95,000 pts.