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Colmer, France, "A Historic Gem"!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Apr 2, 2013
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This one is for you Gem Princess!


You brought back great memories of trips that people should take to enjoy the wonderful countryside of Alsace-Lorraine!  This is not only a wonderful region filled with beautiful vineyards, but a place that is a "Gateway" from France into Germany, and Switzerland.  It is about a three hour drive from Paris, and you can go two different ways.  You can go thru Dijon, and Burgundy (The fastest, or go thru Champagne country.  Either way is relaxing, inexpensive, and fun for the whole family.  If you drive, stay at The Marriott Euro-Disney, and take your time along the way!


The nearest Marriott is in Basel, Switzerland, which is an industrial town on the Rhine River.


Across the Rhine from Colmer is Freiburg, Germany, another very interesting city.  These are all interesting "Small towns" that are a lot of fun to visit, and much lower in price, than major cities of Europe.


Here are a few photo's and information on the Colmer area:


Here's the Rhine as you go from Germany to France at Colmer!



The "Round-A-Bout" in Colmer, hosts a smaller version of "The Statue of Liberty"!


The interesting "Small towns" make it fun to visit as many as you can!


Vineyards are everywhere, this is my buddy Dave Lehmann's "Ancestors", we had a great time here!



Having been lucky to stay at this fine hotel in Ammischwir, just North of Colmer, you can enjoy fantastic Country French dishes, at a wonderful reasonable price.  Note, they do not speak English!  It reminds me of Chevy Chase, in the movie "European Vacation", "Who were those people"!



My late Father in Law, use this tower, as an "Observer" as he went into WWII.  Really cool town, in Ammischwer, France!


Le Streusel, in Colmer, is a great place to relax and dine!


The canals of Comer are really beautiful, even in October!


Hope this brings back great memories for you GP