Phillies Picture Day

Discussion created by pepper8 on Apr 1, 2013

We get a season ticket package to the Phillies every year and a couple of years ago one of our games fell on Phillies Picture Day.  The fans all crowded onto the field (which was cool just in and of itself) behind ropes and the players walked around the field, and we could take pictures with them.  My husband is bald, and he was screaming at Raul Ibanez (another bald guy), "Hey Uncle Raul!"  Ibanez said "Don't call me that" as he posed for a picture with my husband.  I was laughing so hard.  Another friend handed his cell phone to Tom McCarthy and he started having a conversation with my friend's Mom.  I made a calendar for my husband using the pictures we took.  It was a hot and sunny, very fun day, just the way we like it.