42story Hall of Famer in Action (meeting the Tribe)

Discussion created by lukeroz on Apr 1, 2013

As a huge baseball fan, especially Cleveland Indians Baseball, I am always looking for baseball related events and happenings in the area.  A few years ago, my buddy mentioned that the Cleveland Indians manager, Manny Acta, was hosting a fundraiser for his charity at a local bowling alley/bar.  We decided to check it out and boy were we in for a surprise.  After buying some raffle tickets for door prizes and the like, we were allowed to enter and walk around where several players were hanging out. Soon after, we found ourselves playing billiards and chatting with Carlos Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez, two starting Indian players!!  It was amazing to be able to speak freely with these guys as “friends” in a very casual and relaxed setting.  After several games of pool and some photos and autographs we called it a night and left, still in awe of the whole evening.  To this day I still show off those pictures and brag about the unique and amazing experience.