42story Baseball as America's Pastime (childhood memories)

Discussion created by lukeroz on Apr 1, 2013

Growing up, my brothers and I played baseball with the other neighborhood kids whenever the weather allowed. Usually, a wooden bat and tennis ball would be used as we took advantage of sewer grates and street markings in our cul de sac to create our own “diamond”.  One year we created a field in our backyard, complete with a “fence” made by nailing old carpet remnants we found in the trash to some wooden stakes.  After spray painting some logos and signs on it, we hosted a 2 vs. 2 baseball tournament for a whole week, consisting of 8 teams. If we were lucky, we were allowed to go to the local park, where we would feel like major leaguers, using hardballs, sliding in the dirt, and running the “real” bases.  These childhood days of playing baseball with family and friends will forever be cherished!