Some Marriott properties blocking reservations less 3 days during the week

Discussion created by mtiddens on Apr 1, 2013

Twice in the last month I have found Marriott properties that are blocking reservations for less than 3 days during the week, including all Marriott Rewards club members (or at least me with Gold Level)!  This is very disturbing.  The locations were the Fairfield in San Jose and the Courtyard San Diego Central.  For the Fairfield, I called the hotel directly, they confirmed the practice, but they accepted the reservation.  For the Courtyard, I called the hotel, they also said no rooms were available, and, when I asked why, they transferred me to their Sales department, where I was able to make a reaservation.  I wondered if the hotel world would ever do something to discourage 1 or 2-night stays, and could even accept a premium cost, but totally blocking out the ability to make a reservation, esseentially lying that no rooms are available, and forcing people to call the locations directly, or somehow get around the situataion (make all reservations for 3 nights and only stay for one?) is not a friendly soluation at all.  I think that Marriott will lose a lot of loyal people if this continues.