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My husband is an absolute sports nut and has played many years of baseball, football, and now, hockey and softball.  I find it be quite adorable when he's driving us someplace and his head inevitably cranes out the car window to check out a little league game or comment on the beauty of a school baseball park's outfield.  He is a wonderfully talented athlete, so it is quite frequent that he glances over at me in the car and says, "Did you know I hit a home run at that field?"  But the thing I get the greatest kick out of is when he comments on uniforms that he likes or dislikes!  "Those helmets look ridiculous!"  Or, reminsiching with some of my uncles, "Do you remember their old uniforms, the grey and black ones?  Those were awesome!"  And they all agree on it and nod and smile.  On a sunny fall day with puffy white clouds in the sky, he will say "Clouds like that are football clouds."  And now his softball team has started scrimmages on the weekends, soon to start playing games on Sundays and Tuesdays (two leagues), he is a constant weather-checker.  He's even driven out to his softball field a day or so before the upcoming game to see how well the field has drained or if it will be too wet to play!  The softball team he started a few years ago has helped a lot of men and their families, too, because the team is made up of recovering alcoholics and addicts.  The requirement to play is 30 days of sobriety.  I love my husband and I love getting a glimpse into the soul of sports-crazed boy that he's always been and still is to this day.