Our Son's baseball adventure

Discussion created by lynandtodd on Mar 30, 2013

When our son was small, he was such a baseball nut.  He and the other boys he played with spent all their time collecting, trading and studying baseball cards.  What a fun time they had with their cards and the idolization of so many major league players.  Part of the fun was hoping to find one of those really rare baseball cards from baseballs early history.  That was the aququest as we travelled from card show to card show.  We also purchased numerous packages of bubble gum so we could aquire even more cards of current players.  The boys read the cards, probably enhancing their reading skills immeasurably.  Our fondest baseball game memory was seeing one of his favorites in Yankee Stadium.  We say right behind one of the bases and our son was sure he would be noticed by his baseball hero.  What a great day.