Baseball and business make a great community to live in

Discussion created by frenchieflyer on Mar 28, 2013

AA ball came to our town when the city put a measure on the ballot that voters approved allowing funds to be used to build the stadium.  I voted for it and my husband against.  He will still go to a game for me.  But for the team to really be successful it has to draw crowds and get the support of local businesses.  I thought the company I work for would be a great partner for the team.  I asked my boss about it and she suggested that we call the regional person over that area and see if we could arrange a meeting.  We did.  I got the rep from the baseball organization to meet with us.  I am not usually privy to any of this type thing in my role and as a baseball fan I was just thrilled to be a part of it.  My company really embraced the idea and has remained a primary partner for the life of the club.  The fact that our town has this entertainment option for families and sports fans makes our city even better and improves the quality of life here.

The opening game of the first season I was lucky enough to be there.  The best memory of that was the first homerun hit there went over the fence right over the banner for my company!  I thought it was fitting!