Discussion created by dancer on Mar 28, 2013


A memory from childhood is that baseball was always in my life.  My Dad
loved baseball and though I did not really appreciate the sport until years
later, I grew up watching baseball.  Our family was a unified fan of the
Brooklyn Dodgers.  Then one day, they left.  The Dodgers left NYC for
California.  How could they abandon NY for California?  My Dad called a family
meeting to discuss this act of betrayal.  The Dodgers were traitors.  Should we
continue to be their fans or should we find another team?  Unanimous - find
another team.  We turned our attention to the NY Yankees - but they were like
Goliath.  Should we support them?  Their players were so good; there was drama
(the managers were unique characters like Casey Stengel); they were jet setters
(like Joe DiMaggio); and could they play ball!!!  So we voted and unanimously,
the decision was made to be NY Yankees fans.  We have never looked back.  Now I
much better understand the game, thank you Susan, and rarely miss a game that is
televised.  We travel to Florida for spring training, Baltimore for good seats,
and of course Yankee Stadium where the fans know how to be fans.  Thank you NY
Yankees for being world class.