Nephew's first game is a No Hitter

Discussion created by snagit88 on Mar 27, 2013

My 8 month old nephew was going on his first “business” trip with his dad. His mom (my sister) also accompanied the trip to sunny Miami. The Marlins just so happen to be playing in town and they decided to go to a game. Talking to my sister on the phone about taking him to his first baseball game and I asked my sister if Dontrelle Willis was pitching and I heard my brother-in-law in the background say, “No, some rookie.” Telling my sister, “Ahh, too bad it would have been nice because you’d have like to see Willis and his wild swinging legs!” The game came on later and I made a point to try and catch it but Marlins' games weren't broadcast to my area so flipped on the channel and watched my normal Sportscenter only to have it flash that the Marlins were only 6 outs away from a no hitter. They went to the game and to my amazement this rookie pitcher, Anibal Sanchez was just about to pitch a no hitter and it was my nephew’s first game ever! I have been to over a hundred games and have yet to see one! When they showed the last pitch and the grounder, I was just as nervous as the players and any fans there. No, I'm not a fan of Marlins (White Sox actually), I just wanted to be able to relive this story with my nephew and tell him how he was at a no hitter because he may never be able to remember it being 8 months old.