My First Game

Discussion created by gabebussell on Mar 27, 2013

I'm a Twins fan. I live in Minnesota, so it's a given (or, at least it should be). My first game was in summer 2005. We were playing the world champion Red Sox, who had just broken their 86(?)-year championship drought, and were coming in as one of the hottest teams in baseball. We were supposed to get stomped. On this day, however, a little-known player by the name of Nick Punto played (what I view anyway) the game of his career. I forgot to mention that my friend is from Boston, and so, is a diehard BoSox fan. Nick Punto is destroying the Red Sox, seemingly singlehandedly. During the game, and from that day forward, he was known as "Nick Punto, the Red Sox Killer." My friend hates me. And so do the guys from the row behind us. We won the game 9-0.