42story Fenway Heartbreak

Discussion created by frenchieflyer on Mar 27, 2013

In the fall of 1999, my husband and I decided to go to Boston.  He had been a student in college there and lived across the street from Fenway Park for a while and wanted to show me the ball park and other sights in Boston.  I got tickets to a game from a scalper.  Good tickets right behind home plate.  We stayed at a hotel down near Boston Commons.  This was before cell phones were common place and we didn't check the paper that day.  My husband asked me several times through out the day what time the game was.  I got a little frustrated as the answer was always the same "the ticket says 3 o'clock! " We went to the museums and walked the neighborhood near Fenway and got to the park in time for the start.  As we approached we could hear the crowd.  It sounded like a game in progress.  By the time we got to our seats it was the bottom of the 9th and the last batter was up.  I was stunned.  What had happened (and I learned a lesson that day) was the Red Sox were doing well that fall and a television network picked up the game had the start time moved up to accomodate the schedule of the Saturday broadcast.  As the stadium emptied and we started to make our way out, the tears welled up and I couldn't keep from crying.  A nice woman on the staff at Fenway noticed and very concerned came up to ask if everything was alright and if she could do anything to help.  I explained, through the tears, that we hadn't known about the game time change and missed the game.  She was so nice and sympathized.  She offered to get us tickets for the next day's game.  We very much appreciated the thought, but we would be flying home the next day and wouldn't be able to come.  I've always appreciated the thoughtfulness of the woman at Fenway.  That loss of the opportunity of seeing that game stayed with me for a long time.  My husband knew about the vagaries of baseball game times, but we just weren't tuned in the local news to get that information.

Last spring I finally got to see the Red Sox play at Fenway, in very good seats.  My husband and I picked up our great niece and her friend at college and took them to the game on College Night.  That afternoon it was raining and I was doing my own thing and the kids were shopping.  My niece texted that it was raining and wondered if the game would go on.  I texted "damn it, it better!"  My phone auto corrected that to >X#!* it better...We still laugh over that as it made my text seem even worse.  The game went on and it was great fun and glorious and erased all the bad from having missed the other game.  Red Sox won!