Anaheim Disneyland Rewards Redemption

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I spent a few hours last night making a rewards reservation for a Marriott within walking distance of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. this is the tail-end of our 3-year anniversary trip...the first nights we will spend at the Cosmopolitan in LV (in my opinion best Mariott in North America). I had previously only stayed at the Disneyland hotel inside the park. There are 4 Marriott properties within 1 mile, which therefore fit the bill. I welcome your feedback to the pros/cons of these four, listed by proximity to the park, as I have never stayed at any of them.


Fairfield Disneyland:

PROS: Literally right outside park entrance, Disney themed rooms

CONS: $11/day for parking, no free breakfast (or breakfast at all for that matter)


Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate:

PROS: Free parking, free breakfast, many suites

CONS: 1/2 mile from park entrance, Category 6 where Fairfield and Marriott are Category 5


Anaheim Marriott:

PROS: Lounge/breakfast

CONS: $24/day parking, 1 mile from park



N/A I don't stay at these unless I know the manager or something


I settled on the Residence my opinion these are generally a low-value paid stay but high-value reward stay. Paying the extra 5000 points per night is worth it over the Marriott (further walk and 24$ a day to park) and Fairfield (no breakfast and 11$ to park). If we had kids with us the Fairfield would be more appealing with Disney-themed rooms. I put a dollar value on 5000 points at $60 because that's what the points purchase costs, when you factor convenience into these comparisons for me it is a no brainier.


PS The TownePlace is 1.5 miles away, outside Angles stadium. It's a low-point redemption (Category 3) and for $5 you can buy an Anaheim bus pass that will take you to/from Disneyland every 30 mins, starting 15 mins before park opens and ending 15 mins after park closes. Not s considering this because of the mild inconvenience of the bus and its a sketchier area.