San Francisco Giants fans are ecstatic

Discussion created by purplepansy13 on Mar 26, 2013

   I have been a San Francisco Giants fan since they came here from New York.  There were so many years where the team struggled and there was Candlestick Park and the cold and the wind.  We finally get a new beautiful ballpark in AT&T and have Barry Bonds and the team improves but still no trip to the World Series.  Then in 2010 when many members of the team were injured, with a team put together out of necessity, a few miracles, a lot of drama...the Giants win the World Series for the first time since moving to San Francisco.  They tried again in 2011 to fall short but in 2012 another World Series win.  That's a dream come true for the team and fans who have waited so long for the Ultimate Championship.  And now for 2013, we hope for a repeat...the rookies have gained tons of experience and self confidence as well as the players who have struggled in their careers for various reasons.  And the fans are ecstatic...