Pops and the Brewers

Discussion created by wackattack69 on Mar 26, 2013

My dad had been blind since he was born. He LOVED baseball and the Milwaukee Brewers. My brother and I would sit with him and listen to the games at his apartment.

We got to know the players and we got just as excited as him when the game got good!

My brother had mentioned going to a game and we never thought much of it. Our parents were divorced, we lived with our mom and she had no car. Our dad had other plans.

He called the bus station and found out how much tickets were for the 3 of us and he told us that we were going. So, one Saturday, we set off to Milwaukee from a nearby suberb, Waukesha. We were so excited and when the bus drove up to County Stadium, I thought we would burst with excitement. Dad held the tickets and he had his trusty white cane. I held my brother's hand and dad's elbow. It was a long climb up to our seats. A lot of people stared at us. Here was a blind dad leading two small children up the concrete stairs to watch a baseball game. I was mad at them for staring, but very proud of my dad. I thought he was so brave.

We finally got our seats and dad had his trusty transistor radio, so that he could HEAR the game that we watched. It was everything we thought it would be. My brother even  got

me and autographed picture of Robin Yount (whom I had a crush on). We had so much fun that day, but in the middle of the game, something happened. There was a very drunk man and he fell going down the concrete steps. We heard his head hit the concrete. There was lots of blood and they had to call the ambulance/paramedics.

Now my dad was also an alcoholism counselor and had been for YEARS. He knew what had happened and why. It all scared us, but we knew that all was well, cuz pops was there.

Looking back, there was a life lesson there-drinking and accidents.

Still, it did not mar the day we had. Dad had saved his money and we got hot dogs,Cokes and programs. We got to see HANK AARON play ball! That was a once in a lifetime


We had to take the bus back home. We were tired and happy.And yes, the Brewers won.

I know how much it took for my dad to go to a professional baseball stadium,blind and with the responsibility of two small kids-we were 6 and 8.He did it to share his love of baseball with us....and it has stuck ever since.

Here is his obituary:http://www.gmtoday.com/obits/freeman/obits/2011/April/13/04.htm.

He was our hero and still is. You can see his love for "His Brewers" in his obituary.

We miss him.