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42story  When I was 16 years old I attended an exhibition baseball game at Shipley Field in College Park, Maryland.  The Maryland Terrapins hosted the Baltimore Orioles in a fun filled game.  It was very exciting to have a professional sports team playing at a college campus.  Being young and flirty, I went down to the seats close to the Orioles dugout.  One of the Oriole players, John Lowenstein, motioned me to come into the dugout during the 9th inning.  I said I can't go down there.  He replied that it would be alright.  So I went to the dugout, how awesome to be sitting on the bench with Eddie Murray, Cal Ripkin Jr and the other Oriole players.  All was well and I was enjoying the game until the Coach, Earl Weaver, spotted a girl in the dugout.  He made it very clear that females were not allowed in the dugout.  This certainly was not a ground breaking issue, but it makes you wonder why women do not have more of a presence in the dugout.  There are no women coaches.  There are women fans.  I find it interesting that there are still areas that women cannot make progress.  There are male coaches for women's sports.  Women are likely to get into the White House, before we are able to take a rightful seat in the dugout.  Well, I was dismissed from the dugout, with my autographed Oriole calendar and baseball.  Ironically, the Orioles won the World Series that year.  I took from this experience that I will break ceilings in my chosen field and as an executive of a government agency, I have not been dismissed from the dugout.