Waikiki Beach Marriott Upgrades

Discussion created by kharada46 on Mar 26, 2013

I've stayed at the Waikiki Beach Marriott 4 times now, and have experienced a different room type each time I've been here.  For my first visit, I received a partial ocean view in the Paoakalani Tower.  This room, while not the worst on the property, isn't great.  The room is tired, with a dated look and a view of mainly the city with slivers of ocean.  On my second visit, I had a nice room in the more recently renovated Kealohilani Tower with a "deluxe ocean view."  Deluxe isn't the word I'd use to describe it as the balcony faces the adjacent hotel, but you do get a pretty decent view of the beach, but not the main Waikiki strip.  On my third visit, I had what's probably the second best view type at this property, which is the Paoakalani corner ocean view room.  The room had two balconies, one facing the main Waikiki strip, and the other facing the city view of Waikiki.  The room was still dated looking, but had the updated headboard similar to the one in the Kealohilani Tower.  The room was also quite MASSIVE by Waikiki standards.  The only downfall of the view was the tower right in the middle of it, something you won't experience (I assume) if you have the top grade Kealohilani Tower view. 


On my last visit, I was pleasantly surprised with an upgrade to a junior suite.  But was this upgrade worth it?  The junior suite I was stuck in was a city view one in the Paoakalani Tower, so again, the room looked dated, but still had the updated headboard, plug-in panel, fridge, etc.  This room also features two balconies, though you don't get a nice ocean view.  Instead, you get a view of the city with limited ocean view, and a clear view of the property's pool.  What I found odd about this room, though, is that the "living room" is more of a small nook that they turned into a sitting area.  This sitting area contains two chairs, a small coffee table, and a sofa that converts into a bed.  But there's no TV.  Rather, the TV is in front of the bed, but even then, it's off to the left because of the room layout, so you have to turn the TV towards the bed, and turn your head to face the TV.  What's worst was that the housekeeping room and ice room were right next too my room, making it quite noisy!  In my opinion, this room was a failure.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the upgrade, but this room is probably more suited to families that could use the space, or perhaps a couple that wants to dine in room often, and could use some soundproofing. 


The point is, if you're offered a city view junior suite at this property, I'd politely decline and see if you can get a standard room with a nice ocean view instead.  Preferably a room in the Kealohilani Tower, or a nice corner ocean view room in the Paoakalani Tower. 


For sample images of 3 of the 4 rooms I've experienced at the Waikiki Beach Marriott, please see my photo album: 


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