Discussion created by cocchino on Mar 26, 2013

A group of us at work won a prize consisting of tickets to a Dodger's baseball game plus a nice chunk of Dodger Bucks.  My ride to the game got totally lost in the parking lot and we ended up nearly a mile away from our seats.  But he was a really nice guy so we spent the walking time talking and laughing and being very silly.


Before, during and after the game, all of us spent our Dodger Bucks wildly -- food, souvenirs, name it, we bought it.  As we were getting ready to leave, we pooled our remaining "money" and bought two players' bobbleheads.  They were awarded to me as the passenger having to walk the farthest from the car.  Like I really needed bobbleheads, right?


Well, a few weeks later, my nephews came to visit and saw the dolls.  They were the coolest things they'd ever seen (as both kids were BIG Dodger fans).  You guessed it.  They proudly returned home, each holding a new trophy for their rooms. So everybody won, except the Dodgers who got wiped out that game.