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At the In'N'Out Burger (INOB) the other day:


Me: Hi

Them:  Welcome Sir, can I take your order?"

Me:  I'd like a number three, animal style, the fries well done with no salt please.

Them:  Repeats the order perfectly, including the secret menu items.  "Will that be for here?"

Me:  Yes.

Them:  Hands me a paper cup,  "Thank you sir, your number is 36, and is there anything else I can do?"

Me:  "No thank you."


AT the CVS drugstore the other day:


Me:  Hi, can you tell me where the Total cereal that is on sale might be?"

Them:  Huh?

Mr: Breakfast cereal?

Them:  Scratching of chin. "I think it's on aisle six, but maybe you oughta look."

Me:  Thanks

Them:  No Problem (the Dude ending was understood and therefore silent.)


Now for the part that I did not mention:  The young lady at INOB was all of 17, a child of Spanish-speaking parents (I assume since the store was in a very Spanish speaking area of Salinas CA).  She had been given customer service instructions and followed them--the hallmark of an excellent business.  The CVS man was thirty, and should have known better.  PS I found the cereal after some searching.