Beating the Game Breakers

Discussion created by revboomer on Mar 26, 2013

Well my story is about how we beat The Gamebreakers.  When my son was 6 years old, I coached his T-ball team and we had started the year excited about the new season because we had pretty much had the same team for the past two years and our kids had great chemistry and the season looked bright.  Getting ready we came to find out the leauge we were in decided to create a all star team and recruited some of our top players.  This was hard to accept as we had spent count less hours with our team developing these players and for them to come in a take them just did not seem right.  My son was invited to join the team but told me that he would not ever leave his team mates.  So we went on with the season and midway through the season we faced the Gamebreakers (the all star team) and they beat us pretty easy.  As a matter of fact if it was not for the mercy rule in our league, they would probably still be  So anyway, to make a long story longer, we end up in the championship game facing the gamebreakers.  I am pretty upset and feel cheated for my kids.  But then one of our players reminded me of why we play the game, and that was to have fun.   He comes up to me in the bottom of the 5th (last inning) and we are losing by 8 runs and asked "Hey coach, are we winning?"  I look at him and say, "Are you having fun?"  He replies yes coach and I know were champions because you always tell us we are.  It hit me like a brick wall that I had let things make me forget what I teach all the time.  So before we go to bat I gather the team up and I say "No matter what happens, remember you are all champions.  So when the game is over I want you to take off your hats and waive them to your parents as you run the bases.  So then the team goes out then and we score nine runs to win the game and they do as I told them.  It was one of the greatest moments and feelings of my life to see our kids running like champions and do what many thought would be impossible, even me.   Thank God that in the spirit of a child there is child like faith and they believed they were champions and they still are today.   Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!   Reverend Drew Garza