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Confounded -- Harbor Beach

Question asked by keb on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by keb

Hi all:


About to head south with a family of six to Harbor Beach for third year..........we've booked suites in past -- none available this year.  We've tried. What is frustrating is that we've tried to book a poolside bungalow (I mistakenly called it a cabana initially with staff) and I emailed the office the 3/18 to see if we could secure one despite my wrong vocab initially.  I didn't hear back from central office until Friday (we arrive this Wednesday the 27th) and was told it was booked -- at this property they release pool side bungalows Friday before....  Called recreation, got two days mid-week, but told Easter weekend was booked.  Called back to see if I could get next Monday -- no luck.


My issue -- I called in time for booking; we are platinum and repeat GOOD customers and clearly response was not timely. 


Don't want to be obnoxious customer, but have 3/4 red head kids so shade in FLA is a must and husband with history of skin issues........


Advice?  Anyone? 


Very unhappy with this outcome -- think there has been change in this local office.....