Take me out to the ball game!

Discussion created by alemon54 on Mar 25, 2013

My most precious memory of a baseball game is one that occurred a couple of weeks ago. My four-year old godson, Austin, is an avid sports-fanatic - yes, even at four years old! He is particularly smaller in size than most kids his age but every time he gets a chance to play with other kids his great efforts are noticeable from a mile away. Anyway, Austin had been begging to play baseball (t-ball in his case) for a couple of months now and my sister finally decided to sign him up with a team she found on the newspaper - weird to us because our whole family has always been very competitive in all sports so everyone would think that she would have scouted an awesome team rather than just finding one through an ad. the team turned out to be just a whole bunch of parents getting together to teach their children some t-ball, but since Austin had already been told he would be on the team, my sister let him stay. Practices had begun only a couple of days before their first game so very few of the kids (and parents) knew what to do.


The Friday night before Austin's game our family decided to have a practice game with him to familiarize him with the butterflies he might feel on 'game-day!'. He did awesome, so we all figured he was ready for his big game on Saturday morning. So Saturday morning rolled around and everyone showed up on-time to the sportsplex where the games would be held. I had asked to take Austin and promised to be there bright and early - but I wasn't counting on my car to run out of gas before we could get there! So on top of feeling gittery because of his first game I added to his nervousness by making him late. He took it like a champ though and stayed calm until a family friend helped us by taking us gas. So needless to say, Austin and I showed up right around the last inning. Of course the coach could have decided not to play him since that had been the first rule, but the coach called him into the dugout and had him bat the last inning. Austin's team was loosing like 10-5 or something of that sort, but everyone was cheering regardless. When Austin went up to bat you could tell he was super nervous. As he approached the stand he looked back to where we were, winked his right eye, and mouthed "watch me". We all laughed histerically! What happened next completely amazed us and everyone else on the bleachers.


Austin went up to the stand, gripped his bat, and after looking back at us focused his eyes on the ball and hit it as if he felt like he was Baby Ruth or something. The ball traveled so far into the outfield that he was able to take it all the way to home base! We were sooooo proud of him! At game end his eyes sparkled so much and we were all so happy that even after being late (thanks to me) he still controlled his emotions and did the best he could! It was definitely one for the books .