Courtyard -- The worst category of hotel in the Marriott Brand Chain.

Discussion created by ravnwyng on Mar 25, 2013
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Okay....I don't get it.   Marriott Brand hotels have always treated their Gold and Platinum Reward members to a little something extra, at all of their hotels.  At the Fairfield, you may not get much extra, but breakfast is included with a night's lodging.  Same is true for Town Place Suites.  At the Residence Inns you get a breakfast and an evening snack/meal 3-4 nights of the week.  At the full service Marriotts you get access to the Concierge lounge and a breakfast and evening snack.  Heck, In today's world, even the low budget hotels like Days Inn will give you a free breakfast with a night's lodging.


But at Courtyard, you get NOTHING.   Oh, sure, you get your "check in bonus", but that is it.  No breakfast, no snack, no nothing.  They have recently  removed the free coffee from the rooms and lobbies.


So, my question is this:  Why would anyone ever stay at a Courtyard hotel, unless it was the only choice in town?


I know they want to promote the new cafes they have in every Courtyard; why not give coffee and pastries to your Gold and Platinum members, as a perq for staying there?


Answers, suggestions, any one???