MRI Wifi Issues

Discussion created by profchiara on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by eb5147

I mentioned this in one of my earlier emails, but for almost two months I have not been able to access MRI except to look, occasionally to like, or twice to post.  This has happened only when I am using wifi but it doesn't matter whether it's where I work, a hotel anywhere in the world, etc.  Absolutely every other application, even credit card transactions and my Delta account (as well as email) works fine, with the only exception being MRI.  Once in Venice and once in Athens I managed to send or respond to one message, but other times I got only constant 'loading' which is also what it says when I'm home at work.  So in that case I just wait till I get home and use my ethernet connection and all is well.


Now things have taken a strange turn because I'm in the CDG Air France Salon and am having no problems whatsoever.  I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to this.  If the wifi signal in those other places were weak (and I now at work it is not) then why can I access everything else on my netbook, with the sole exception of MRI?  Is there a little MRI gremlin in my computer that flicks its finger like the Delta safety video lady when I try to post?  I know not.  But why in a relatively insecure airport lounge would everything work fine?


ITS people out there, any ideas?  I don't want to make changes to the rest of my computer when nothing else is affected.


C'est la vie!