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Using my points for my daughters honeymoon

Question asked by wynnker on Mar 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by kharada46

Hi, I am going to be honest here and get your advise !!!!   My daughter is getting married later in year and I booked her in MY name for a total of 8 days between Singapore and Bali......During Singapore it is the F1 motor racing so she and partner are excited and I was so lucky to get a booking. My question......


Can my daughter get my  lounge access privileges in Singapore ? It sure would be so nice for them .


Same question for Bali , although as it is the Courtyard in Bali are there any advantages .....


I read I can change the name on the booking but as I say I am being honest and do not want to risk losing my booking daughter can use her own credit card for guarantees upon arrival , although I have no issue with using my default card as the one to use .


Finally I would love to upgrade them in Singapore to the best rooms I can , but guess that is not possible     


Any advice in what to do very much appreciated......thanks