Italy Spring 2014 - need some travel tips

Discussion created by surfwatcherb on Mar 24, 2013
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Calling seasoned travelers of Italy.  My husband and are planning a 2-3wk trip to Italy next spring and We hope to start out with a week in Rome  and then thinking 5 days in the tuscany region and are debating renting a car vs train travels through the towns.  Any answers to the following would be most helpful:

1 rental car  vs train travel and if rental car, which company has the best value?

2 what towns in the Tuscany region to visit and why and also where to stay.  For this portion of our trip we are not limiting ourselves to Marriott and in fact would like to stay at small hotels or B&b's to get a flavor of the area

3 does anyone have an itinerary they would like to share, starting in Rome ending in Venice through Florence?

4 Have you stayed at the Marriott resort in Tuscany and used that as a base to explore the region?


We appreciate any advice you can give us.  We are so looking forward to this trip next spring.