A spring training first

Discussion created by ltickner on Mar 22, 2013

My wife grew up in Arizona and spent every spring attending cactus league baseball games.  This was a highlight for her growing up and she always talks about how much fun she had with her family, getting to watch teams she usually did not get to see, enjoying the great spring weather and the intimacy of spring training parks.  We now live in Washington DC and have two kids (4 and 1 years old) of our own.  The chance came for us to take a short vacation this year and my wife quickly suggested we book flights to Ft Myers, Florida to get some time at the beach and go see a spring training game.  That is just what we did.


So on 12 March I found myself at JetBlue ballbark for the Red Sox-BlueJays game with my wife and both kids.  For three of us this was our first every spring training game and it was a great experience.  I honestly can't even remember what the score was, but we had a great time.  We had lawn seats in the outfield.  The kids loved it.  They could watch the game, then run around in the grass, then watch the game some more.  We got to talk about baseball and try to explain to our 4 year old what was going on out on the field.  It was an awesome experience for the kids and i, but i think that the person who loved it most was my wife.  She got to share something that was always so special for her with the rest her family.


And to top it off (yes this is a shameless plug) we used Marriott points to stay at the