Going above and beyond... Brussels Marriott

Discussion created by jurgenlison on Mar 23, 2013
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The Brussels Marriott hotel is located right in the buzzing downtown area, with easy access to public transportation. And I was using exactly that public transportation when leaving early in the morning on Sunday February 24th. I left the hotel around 6:15, using the subway to get to the high speed train station, on my way to connect to Paris CDG airport. Only... when I wanted to board the high speed TGV train, I could not find my train ticket...


So I called the hotel - still be fore 7am. On the phone was the same person I checked out with - Nils Z. There was no housekeeping staff available yet, but he volunteered to get to my room and check if the ticket was there. So he personally rushed up to my room, and called me back minutes later, with the ticket in hand. He offered to scan the ticket - and email it to me promptly. Which he did. So I received a copy of my forgotten ticket in my email inbox on my smart phone, just in time to board the train at 7:15 am (the scanned a copy of the ticket barcode straight off my smartphone).


Nils Z took my issue on personally - he could have easily referred it to lost and found / security / housekeeping - and I would have never had my ticket on time. He could have found the ticket, and I would not have been much further ahead. But he thought of an easy solution, got to work, and got me on my way. Fast and efficient - without me having to even ask.


So... a special thank you and proper recognition for Marriott employees who think and feel like their guests - and don't wait for a question to be asked before offering an answer and a solution.


Thank you ! (message also sent to customer service through Marriott Website)