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Discussion created by jenb on Mar 23, 2013

I saw my first major league game with my husband shortly after we got married.  It was his birthday, they hit a home run for him to watch and our team won the game.  It was exciting day and he still talks about it many years later and about how much fun we had that day.  At that game, he introduced me to real baseball on a major league level.  Before that game I had seen a little league game and  at least one spring training game, but a regular season game with the large stadium the roar of the fans along with all the excitement was a new and wonderful experience.  I was not taken to games as a child, my parents were not great sports fans that went to the ball parks,  as it was a long drive and too expensive.  I do remember watching one world series with my dad when I was young, cannot remember the year, but I think the A's were playing.  Now my husband usually goes to games with his dad, if he cannot go, then I get to go with him.  Last year I purchasing a pair of Spring Training for he and I to go and joked that in order to be invited, I needed to buy the tickets myself!  There is a new stadium where they hold spring training near where we live and we had only seen it from outside, it is beautiful and state of the art facility.  We had a great time, it was not like my first real game, but it was a beautiful day and our team won.  It was like a home run derby, they hit eight or nine home runs it was fun day.  It would be great to be at a movie premier about a great and historic time in baseball history with my husband to make some more memories that will last a lifetime.


Baseball is a lot like life, hopefully we can all get along better outside the stadium than we have in the past.  We all need to do  a better job watching out for each other, like we do when we are cheering for our favorite team and a fowl ball goes into the crowd.  As good citizens and fellow fans, we are concerned about those who may be affected if they do not catch it in their glove and should express that feeling of compassion on a more regular basis.  Random acts of kindness are often shown in ballparks, especially when an adult or child catches a ball in the stands and gives it to someone else.  Good manors and being kind to one another have never gone out of style, they have just been ignored or not passed down to kids as an important part of life, we can all change that fact if we all do our part and set a good example for others to follow.