Meeting a hero

Discussion created by kevinmn on Mar 22, 2013

Every fan has their hero that they look up to. My dad's hero was Harmon Killebrew. Harmon was a great home run hitter for the Minnesota Twins in the 1960's and 1970's. If you ever got a chance to meet him in person you would know he was an even greater person!


We met Harmon during an autograph signing that proved what a great man he was. It was at the Minnesota Twins annual fan fest where current and former players sign autographs. I remember the volunteer workers in line bracing fans that time to get an autograph was almost up and not to expect an autograph. I was disappointed to hear this but understood that there are rules and resigned myself to the fact I'd have to come back next year and try again. The players sign for their scheduled time and when time is up they are gone in a flash. Not Harmon!


Time ran out but Harmon stayed. We kept inching closer hoping he could stay just long enough for us to meet him. When we finally got to his table it was over an hour after his scheduled time had ended. Harmon greated us with a big smile. My dad had a picture of Harmon during his playing days and Harmon remembered the exact game because he had a brace on his arm. He had injuried it the day before in a collision at home plate. I remember watching him for a few minutes after talking to him. He took the time to talk to each and every person in line. It was obvious he loved people. He stayed for another 2 full hours to make sure each person in line that wanted his autograph got one. That is a true hero.