A trip around major league baseball.

Discussion created by kevinmn on Mar 22, 2013

We were never quite sure where the idea came from and we surely aren't the only ones to come up with it but my father and I set out to see a game at every Major League stadium. Money was tight we could only afford 1 trip a year. We drove, slept in the van, ate at McDonalds or went to grocery stores. It was a way to see the country, spend quality time together, and of course share our love of baseball.



We started in 1996 when our hometown team the Minnesota Twins traveled to Milwaukee. The next year we visited Wrigly Field and we were hooked. Our annual baseball trip soon became the highlight of each year. As soon as the MLB schedule was released I would pour over the schedule to fit 5 or 6 games in a week and budget just enough time to get to each stadium in time. Then in 2004 we finally made it to Seattle. City number 30! We had visited each MLB city.



Over the years teams have moved or built new stadiums and we keep going. All totaled we have now seen a MLB game at 45 different MLB stadiums. Some are old living monuments to another era (Fenway, Wrigley), some brand new, state of the art facilities (Target Field, New Yankee Stadium), some clearly not made for baseball (RFK Stadium), and some just poorly designed (Tropicana Field) but the game was always the same. The pitchers mound still 60' 6" from home plate, 3 strikes and your out. The smell of hot dogs and fans enjoying a beer.



We never traveled for recognition or even out of loyalty to a particular team. It was pruely for the love of the game. A father and son bonding over a game that has brought joy to millions. A simple game played out on a grand stage and I LOVED every minute of it!