A Walk (or Run) Down Memory Lane

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A memory is defined as a person, thing, happening, or act remembered.  When I read about the Marriott Rewards Insiders 42 Contest/Sweepstakes, I was overcome with memories involving baseball flashing before my eyes.  Some of them even brought happy tears to my eyes.  I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life so some of these memories are getting vague, while some of them are very clear.  I have not tried to list these in chronological order, they are just in the order I thought about them.


Wearing a baseball cap rather than a bow when I was young (I guess that was because they had to use scotch tape to get a bow to stick!)


My dad falling asleep as he listened to the Cardinals on the radio


Touring major league baseball stadiums as we travel around the country

My dad eating peanuts at every game he went to and my brother and I continuing the tradition


Crying when fans yelled at my dad when he was umpiring

Always sitting on the first base side

Remembering how angry my mom was when she found out my dad had allowed my brother to try chewing tobacco (first and last time)

Attending a presentation by Brooks Robinson’s wife while I was in high school.  I don’t remember what she spoke about, but she was wearing a gorgeous pink dress.


My brother saving me a miniature replica of Ray Winder Field when a new field was built in North Little Rock.  Ray Winder Field opened in 1932 and was home to minor league baseball until 2006.  My dad played for the Traveler's at Ray Winder Field.



Working in the ice cream and souvenir stand at Ray Winder Field

Waiting for foul balls to come over the roof of Ray Winder Field

Desperately wanting to win the pony they gave away during a promotion at Ray Winder Field

Watching my brother and his friends spend hours playing pick-up baseball games on the easement next to our house.  My dad finally told them they had to play whiffle ball because they broke too many windows



When my brother discovered the value of the baseball cards my mom had thrown away

Getting hit in the forehead by a pitch when no one noticed I was standing right behind the catcher

Loving to be called a birddog puppy  (scouts are called birddogs)


My dad letting me use his stopwatch to time the runners going to first


Striking up a conversation with a Razorback fan on a street corner in Houston who was looking for somewhere to eat and he hired my husband to take pictures of the ball games the next 2 days when he found out my husband is a sports photographer

Tearing my knee open on a nail when I was climbing into the press box at a Razorback baseball game and the trainer spraying it with some kind of pain killer

Going to Pine Bluff, AR with my dad when he was scouting American Legion ball and stopping for pineapple milkshakes on our way home

Gazing at the San Diego Padres stadium out the window of our room in the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter


Watching the Hogs win the regional baseball tournament last spring


Trying to talk my dad into letting me take him to the World Series when the Mets were playing

Discovering that my dad had a contract with Louisville Slugger and being able to buy a bat the length and weight that he used


My trip down Memory Lane has reminded me of all the reasons I LOVE BASEBALL.