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Free wifi in Marriott public areas...JW as well as Marriott hotel/resorts?

Question asked by skiadcock on Mar 21, 2013

I couldn't figure out where this thread should go, since the 'other' category seemed to have nothing but baseball references.

This article in USA Today said that free wifi will be available in 500 Marriott hotels/resorts by end of March, 2013.  Since Marriott has approximately 500 Marriotts worldwide, I'm assuming that means worldwide & not just USA. 

More hotels embrace free Wi-Fi in lobbies

But does it also mean JWs (of which there are approximately 64 give or take), as the article doesn't mention JW specifically? 

In a different article where Marriott touts free wifi in public areas in the Middle East and Africa, it mentions JW, Marriott hotels/resorts & Ren specifically.

Marriott International rolls out free Wi-Fi in Middle East hotels | Hotel Management

Michelle, anyone from Marriott - can you confirm a) the 500 Marriotts are worldwide vs USA only; b) if JW is also included w/ the free wifi in the public areas?  To me it wouldn't make sense to exclude JWs, but one should never assume anything.

Any input appreciated.