My Moment in the Spotlight ....Not!

Discussion created by erc on Mar 21, 2013
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A few years back, while with a high school baseball team at a tournament in South Carolina, a USC friend invited us to visit one of the top baseball programs in the nation, giving the boys a taste of the excitement of college baseball at a wildly enthusiastic, sold out, standing room only, Friday night game. Having terrific seats several rows back behind home plate, we settled in, enjoying two SEC powerhouses  squaring off in a divisional showdown. Joined by a fellow coach and another friend who was a former USC home run slugger and All American, I recognized a former player I had coached, who, majoring in Sports Management at SC, was a student manager, sitting directly behind home plate with a radar gun, clocking the speed of the pitches.
Wanting to say hello between the innings, I stood up, calling out his name and waving to get his attention; unbeknownst to me, at the exact same time I stood and started waving, the public announcer had requested everyone to "Give a warm Gamecock welcome back to All American (my friend sitting next to me), Jimmy C". The spotlight came on and there I was waving with suddenly an entire stadium waving back. My fellow coach chortled, "Sit down superstar, this one's for Jimmy". Redfaced and with my best, 'deer in the headlights' expression, I slid back down into my chair. Jimmy stood, the crowd roared, and we all had a good laugh, enjoying on a perfect spring evening, the wonderful experience of college baseball.