My Favorite Baseball Player

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My love of baseball started at a very young age. 

My dad had played baseball since he was a young boy growing up

in central Arkansas.


He played on an under-12 team that won a championship in the late 1920's.

My dad is pictured on the bottom row, second from right.  He went on to play

college ball, played for the Coast Guard team, and played in the Evangeline

League and Texas League among others.


Although baseball players are not as prone to injuries as some athletes, accidents do happen.

My dad had his jaw broken by a pitch that missed the strike zone.


He was known for sticking his tongue out when "bearing down" (pictured in top right circle).

This was a trait we observed even when he was not playing ball.

best picture.JPG

                 This picture is my favorite.


After his playing days, my dad went on to coach a pony league team,

umpired in local youth leagues, and scouted for many years.  I thank

him for instilling the love of the game in me.