Platinum Premier - why?

Discussion created by seattlite on Mar 21, 2013
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Welcome to 2013.  Another year of week in and out stays in a hotel room.  Another year of being a MR Platinum Premier member.


As I reflect on my status, only given to the top 3% of Platinum members, I ask myself why.  Why would Marriott send me a bathroom tote as a gift?  Surely someone at Marriott must realize that I already have the travel accessories category figured out, given that I stayed over 160 nights at their hotel chain last year.  I appreciate the sentiment of a gift, but the gift itself doesn't seem to fit.  I suppose it might make more sense than a solar-powered USB charger.  Gosh, was that two years ago?  Oh yeah, last year there was an online subscription to the WSJ.


Why am I writing all this?  Am I just another ungrateful traveler and rewards snob?  Maybe I am, but maybe there's a point to this rant.


Marriott needs to put something, anything in writing that guarantees Platinum Premier members something more than everyone else.  Sure, PP gets folks to the front of the line for upgrades (if they're available), but where is the REAL bonus?  Why not offer some innovative features like what Starwood's tiered SPG program created?  Platinum level is 50 nights, but you keep earning more GUARANTEED benefits by achieving 75 nights and 100 nights.


Dare I say it, why even have a PP tier when members who achieve that level of status may or may not actually benefit?  Hilton Honors doesn't have any problem only offering 3 tiers and still has loyalty a plenty.  When Delta implemented Diamond status three years ago, they also rewarded members with some tangible benefits (arguably diminished over time, but we're not talking about bathroom totes made in China).


C'mon Marriott Rewards.  Reward me as a Platinum Premier.  Quit toying with my fierce loyalty.  This year I only plan to stay the minimum nights required to hit all the promotions (what's that, 75 nights?).  Wouldn't you rather entice me to keep staying 160 a year?  Maybe not.