42 Story

Discussion created by rjv02002 on Mar 20, 2013

When i think about a baseball story, i really just think about how, as a kid growing up, baseball was just so pure.  You played the game for the love and fun of it.  Winning or losing did seem to be the only thing that mattered at times, individual success as well, but you were a part of something bigger-a team-a band of brothers all sharing a common bond-the love of the game.  in today's professional game, the enthusiasm in America is lacking.  Turmoil and PED's and fights and suspesnions have taken over the game.  social media and network television coverage and corporate owner greed has made it very difficlut for the common fan to attend a game with their kids in a nice seat in some markets.  media coverage is less about the game now and more about what celebrity is in attendance or who is dating who.  Baseball very rarely, in its professional form is on the news for something that only occurred on the field.  We as a society have become more concerned with social factors.  The game, in its purest form-little leage and high school are even now getting to the point where the sense of team is lost and it is more about individuals.  its sad!