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My daughter Kaitlyn has a twin brother Tyler.  The twins have grown up playing basketball, soccer, t-ball and baseball together.  With each year that passes, their interests diverge a little more and now, at age ten, baseball is the only sport they still play together.  Kaitlyn is very much a girly girl and her favorite activity is cheerleading.  She still loves baseball, though, and is now the only girl playing baseball in our local league and often feels self conscious around so many boys.  Her brother is one of the strongest players and always encourages her.  And while Kaitlyn is not the best player, she can definitely hold her own.  At one game, one of the boys from the opposing team was trash-talking her.  As she was walking out of the dugout to bat, her coach pulled her aside and jokingly encouraged her to hit the ball over that boy's head.  Kaitlyn did just that, crushing the baseball over center field for a double.  I'll never forget the smile on her face when she turned from second base to talk to the very surprised (and sheepish) centerfielder.  He was smiling too.