Baseball as America's Pastime - My story

Discussion created by cynfulllll on Mar 20, 2013

I have been a long time Chicago Cubs fan. As such, I had never been to a World Series. I have lived in Florida for 36 years and would go to see the Cubs whenever the played the Florida Marlins. I was ecstatic when the Marlins were the Wild Card team in the 1997 season. I attended the Wild Card games, the Divisional games, the League Champship series and final the World Series. My friends gave me a hard time when I told them I bought tickets for the 7th game. I heard "you are giving them your money for nothing", "you are going to be holding tickets to a game that may not happen" and "what a waste". I explained that if the seventh game wasn't played, I would receive my money back. They still weren't buying and most only attended the 1st game. Low and Behold the Marlins won the World Series in extra innings of the seventh game of the 1997 World Series and I was there. The noise was unbelieveable and what an exciting moment. All my friends were at home watching on TV so who was nuts now!!!!