Mangia at Luna in Carmel

Discussion created by anadyr on Mar 20, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night...not really, but I had to put the wipers on intermittent, if that counts.  We decided to head into downtown Carmel by the Sea for a dinner at a place we'd never been, Cantinetta Luna, an Italian eatery that has been there for seven years or so.  Carmel has its share of Italian places, some merely Pizza and others more exotic.  Giuseppe , our host, was gracious offering us the primo window table, normally a four top.  All the remaining seats are narrow 2 tops, but that makes for conversation starters.  Food:  fantastic, all house made pastas, bread, etc.  My wife had the ravioli and I tried my "can you make this?" trick, which I've used many times at Italian places around the world: I confidently asked for a pasta
puttanesca, with sauce, allegedly made for working girls (to use the street term) with anchovies, capers and olives in a red gravy.  Molto Bene! Served with shaved cheese and a fork and spoon, all for $19.

Wines are available by the glass in either a three ounce pour or a six ounce pour.  Glasses are the titanium ones, expensive but elegant pieces of art and technology. Part of the fine detail at this place. Most six ounces are from 9 to 13 dollars.  Corkage is $25.

If you're looking for a parking place on Dolores near Seventh (no street numbers) in Camel, and are lucky enough to find one, stop in this place.  It's worth it.