SLC, "Antelope Island"!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Mar 16, 2013

For those of you that like a little "Adventure" at a very low price, enjoy some "Family Fun"!


The largest island on The Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, is a great way to spend a little time!


There is a $9 charge to take your car onto the island, but it is scenic, historic, and relaxing.  I am not a "Camper", but you can do it if you want to!


It will take you about a half hour from SLC, but an easy drive.


Let me share some pictures and information with you:



After paying your way into the park, you will have about a six mile drive to Antelope Island.


There it is!  From a distance, and surrounded by The Great Salt Lake!


First stop, The Visitor Center, which is a nice "Gift shop" as well as a museum!


There are 11 miles of paved roads on the island.


Here is a "Bar Bet" you can win!  When and where was the last "Wild Buffalo Hunt in America"!  Answer, Antelope Island, Utah, November, 1926!



Here are two of the 500-700 buffalo still on the island.  There are plenty of Antelope, and other animals to enjoy in the wild!



The Visitor Center is most interesting!


Visit this historic ranch and appreciate the famous settlement!


This area is very industrious, with "Shrimp farming, salt reclamation, and of course wonderful scenery"!