Has your door lock been picked?

Discussion created by red-in-la on Mar 16, 2013
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This is rather disconcerting after leaving stuff out in plain sight when leaving the room.

Apparently there is some new electronic gadget that was reported on by the Today show not too long ago about how to open our door locks without a key.  And how to make the device is on, of course, YouTube.

Here's a link to the Today episode.  It's followed by another episode talking about hotel chains and their points.

I found a number of videos on YouTube with a search "Hotel Door Hack"

Wow, this "insiders" website is terrible, convoluted, hard to navigate, impossible to find a place to add a comment and frustrating, not to mention completely lacking intuitive design.  If you can't find "post a new topic" of your choice in 5 minutes of searching there's something wrong with the blog site.  I finally settled for this category that's not remotely related to my post just because there's no other place I could get into to post it.

But....  that's just me.