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How exactly is this not a clearly defined "bait & switch"?

Question asked by sweet1231 on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2013 by pluto77

So, last year or two elites have really taken it on the chin as far as benefits go. EEOs were a specific issue for me but not the only loss.


But after registering AND COMPLETING my spring 2013 mega bonus promotion (6 stays for 3 free cat 1-4 nights) Marriott has decided to move all of the hotels that I've used these certs at in the past up to a Cat 5. wth?


I called to attempt to switch to the other version of the megabonus (that others in my office HAVE been granted)that allows cat 1-5 redemption only to be told that it (a)isn't allowed and (b) I wouldn't want to switch even if it was allowed because I could only earn 2 - cat 5 nights - which will be news to my co-workers. That was on two separate calls to the MR Gold line.


Because of the timing and misinformation via the Gold line,how is this not a classic bait and switch? I'm aware that I can book these until midMay but that wasn't what I signed up for and Marriott knows that.


Has Marriott lost its moral compass and looking at only the line? If so, I'm glad I shifted the bulk of my stays to spg and hyatt, but always wanted to keep MR in my lineup.Can  here actually help with these issues or is this board simply for ranting?


thanks for taking the time to read and allowing me to get this off my chest