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Is Marriott open to suggestions?

Question asked by jerryhenry on Mar 10, 2013
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I have been Platinum since 1985, with nearly 3,000 nights, so I know my way around Marriott have stayed extensively in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and South America – obviously I like them, but there are a few things that would make things better:



Let us know when the hotel was last remodeled – for me this is the number one criteria (cleanliness) and there is no way to know this without showing up, and also, give me a way to request a Concierge Lounge floor room



I would like to see a higher threshold above Lifetime Platinum – despite my loyalty I get pretty much the same treatment as anyone else – rarely do I get a Concierge Lounge floor room – set up a 3000 night Lifetime status that actually has some tangible, new benefits


  • For the love of Pete, put a Concierge Lounge in every Marriott/Renaissance/Gaylord/Autograph/Marriott Resorts/JW/Edition/AC, and keep them open on the weekend (maybe just for Platinum and above) – not doing so is easily the dumbest thing Marriott does – we developed our loyalty because of what we can consistently expect (an ironing board in every room for instance) don’t tear it apart with inconsistency – we are mostly men, and we like our routines, so on the rare occasion we bring our wives or family on a weekend don’t take the Concierge Lounge away
  • Shorten check-in time – years ago you had a system where our room key was presented at arrival – what has happened to that?  Lately we have to get through I guess 20 questions to get a key –
  • Give us a consistent workout room,  minimum standards for all Marriott/Renaissance/Gaylord/Autograph/Marriott Resorts/JW/Edition/AC to include treadmills with media, and free weights, I like steam saunas too
  • Cooler rooms – all year around – every room in the world is too hot and cannot be cooled because of either a central system or limits on how cool the air conditioning will go – also we would like to be able to open a window and get fresh air
  • Add humidification in the winter months -- and two bottles of water in the room please, always!




  • First get all the instant coffee (box coffee) and instant tea (fountain iced tea) out of every Marriott property – shame on you for that – getting a real cup of coffee in every property should be the easiest thing we do --- and make it available by 5:00 am  --
  • Open Concierge Lounges by 6:00 latest, not 6:30
  • If you want us to eat in your restaurants, and I never do, you must make it look, feel and probably-actually-be an independent restaurant loosely attached to the hotel – if you want us in your bars make them cool again, have bands, with female wait staff, make it the place to be


Over 30 years I have left hundreds of personal items behind, ties, shoes, etc. – never, not once, have I been contacted by Marriott to say they found it – it would be so easy for housekeeping to scoop these things up and ship them to us (on our cc) – would be a nice added value at no cost to Marriott


I like:

  •   The new brands, new designed interiors as an alternative to the traditional classical Marriott
  • Attentive front desk staff
  • Consistently clean, quality


I hate:

  • Keys that don’t work
  • Slow check-in
  • Hot stuffy rooms – need 62 degree capability
  • Pathetic restaurants and bars with no one in them


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