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SLC, "The Golden Spike"!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Mar 11, 2013
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The "Golden Spike National Historic Site" is a special experience.  If you enjoy American History, it is most interesting and educational to visit this site about 90 miles from Salt Lake City.


Volunteers have donated many hours to re-create the original locomotives and much of the surroundings of the site. 


The Visitor Center is very interesting and the staff is most cordial.  The history of this event changed America, and it was completed the same year at the Suez Canal.  Dedicated on May 10, 1869, and if you go, this is the best date to join the celebration!  Two events on that day involve the two locomotives and thousands of "History Buff's" have a great time!


A few things that came out of the tour:


Fresh WATER, had a lot to do with the route.  Brigham Young, had been promised the RR through Salt Lake City, but the RR's knew they could never get fresh water for the locomotives South of Salt Lake.  The enormous amounts of daily fresh water for the trains and crew, kept the RR North of the Salt Lake.


On 2,500 ties per mile, on gang could lay two pairs of 30 foot, 560 pound rails a minute.  Spikers drove 10 spikes per rail, three blows per spike!


They connected, after crossing 1776 miles of desert, rivers and mountains to bring the East and West together.


A wonderful experience, if you get the chance, and go in the Summer to see the event "Re-created" with the two locomotives!



Take Exit 365 on I-15, and go 30 miles West!


The scenery is desolate, that is a picture of Antelope Island, as you drive to PP!



Hope you find this interesting!


These trains are beautiful!


Jupiter and the #119 are so special and memorable!


You have to love and appreciate the "Irish" as we approach another St. Pat's Day!



Looking East from The Golden Spike!


Looking West to California, from the Golden Spike!



Enjoy the scenic beauty of this isolated area.  The Salt Lake is visible before the Wasatch Mountains.!